Terms of Use

22. February 2024

1. Who processes my personal data?

The administrator of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrator") is the operator of this website. As an administrator, he can process your personal data according to the conditions below.

2. What personal data do you process about me?

We process only the absolutely necessary personal data that you provide to us in connection with the use of our services.

These are data that you (actively) provide to us in the contact form, when making an inquiry or order on our website or for the purpose of concluding a contract:

  • identification data - name, surname,
  • contact information - email, phone number

and further technical data that we obtain from you by using our website (passively):

  • IP address,
  • cookie files (in the case of online services),
  • or other online identifiers.

3. Why are you processing my personal data?

The main reason why we process your personal data is to provide you with the services you are looking for have shown interest and so that we can constantly improve our services for you and increase their security.

We process your data for the purposes:

  • answering your question sent via contact form, live chat, message or phone (legitimate interest or action to conclude a contract),
  • fulfillment of the request, provision of a service or product and its delivery (conclusion of a contract, fulfillment of a legal obligation),
  • protection of the administrator's rights and legally protected interests (proving, claims - legitimate interest),
  • ensuring the security of website operation (IP addresses).

4. What entitles you to do so?

We process your personal data only on the basis of legal reasons that authorize us to do so:

  • Performance of the contract - fulfillment of an order for services, goods or a demand for our services
  • Compliance with legal obligations - fulfillment of tax obligations, archiving of invoices and accounting
  • Legitimate interest - sending commercial messages to existing customers, reminders advertising to website visitors, ensuring the security of website operation, protection of rights and interests protected by law administrator.

5. What are my rights in connection with the protection of personal data?

Your personal data is sensitive information and you have the right to know how we handle it, specifically you have the right to access, correction and deletion of your personal data. You can find a complete list of your rights here, especially these right:

  • right of access - write to us and we will send you what data we have about you,
  • right to rectification - write to us what data we have wrong and we will arrange to change it,
  • right to erasure - If you do not want your personal data to be further processed, please contact us us and we will take care of it,
  • right to object - if we process your data based on a legitimate interest, you have the option object to such processing (opt out of processing),
  • right to withdraw consent - if you wish to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data, please let us know.

If you have the impression that we are handling your personal data improperly you have the right to submit complaint - our supervisory authority is Office for Personal Protection data. You can contact him at any time with your problem (however, we believe that this will not be necessary and that we will solve all your possible complaints to your satisfaction together).

For more information or to access your personal data, please contact us.