Beseda Art Nouveau Café and Restaurant

Built in 1901, Pilsen’s Měšťanská Beseda served as a hub where locals gathered for social and cultural happenings. Today, its café spaces are being reopened to the public and we look forward to your visit.

We cordially invite you check out our new 1901 concept at Pilsen’s Beseda where, from the early morning hours, you will be treated to our varied breakfast offers together with speciality coffee brands. During the lunch hours, you will be able to choose between our lunch menu and all-day regular menu subtly inspired by traditional French cuisine.

Our extensive range of gins, including twenty varieties from around the world, is available throughout the day, paired with a recommended selection of tonics. In addition, we also offer a diverse range of 20 varieties to please your palate.


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At Měšťanská Beseda we offer breakfasts, a daily menu, but also a traditional menu


Breakfast and brunch in Pilsen?

Start the day with a delicious breakfast, or combine it with lunch and experience a leisurely brunch. Enjoying Prosecco in the morning is no longer taboo.

The combination of quality ingredients
supported by a properly selected beverage takes the gastronomic experience to a new level.


Gin and Prosecco

Let us make you fall in love with gin and tonic...

We use large cubes of ice to make the drink cooler and melt more slowly so that the drink does not become excessively diluted. We only use naturally flavoured tonics.

With each visit you can discover new combinations of flavours of this classic cocktail.

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Booking a table

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